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Case Study

England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB)

Future Leaders development program (FLEX)



Executive Coaching

Leadership Assessment

Leadership Development






  • ECB requested SRI develop a Future leader programme
  • They were aware of a strong layer of high potential talent capable of succession 
  • Sought to further engage and retain this group during a period of high challenge and change for the organisation 


  • Assessment of 15 ‘future leaders’ against future ready competencies and leadership behaviours 
  • Individual Spotlight performance preference profiles 
  • Individual evaluation & feedback sessions 
  • Development of branded 9 month ‘FLEX’ leadership programme 
  • Facilitated ‘away day’ including team workshop utilising Spotlight Teams  
  • Development of personal development plans 
  • Coordination of executive coaching programmes for the cohort 
  • Delivery of lunch & learn L&D programme over 6 months  


  • Enthused and engaged cohort of future ready leaders 
  • 80% of the cohort committing to executive coaching 
  • Executive team equipped with data and insight on their future leaders to ensure continued effective development opportunities 
  • Future Leaders equipped with skills and competencies to cascade a high- performance culture through their own teams  
  • Recommendations for upgrade in HR platform to solve internal communication challenges and enhance HR operational efficiency, freeing up resource to focus on learning and development
  • Re-prioritization and enhanced communication activity around charity & community initiatives, further enhancing staff engagement 



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